Hall of Fame

Congratulations to the inaugural Loyola Rugby Hall of Fame, inducted at our 40th Anniversary Gala on November 5th at Loyola University.

Inductees were selected and elected based on the following criteria: 1) Outstanding achievements playing for Loyola RFC, 2) Outstanding off-the-field contributions to Loyola RFC, 3) Outstanding contributions to Loyola RFC post graduation, 4) Outstanding accomplishments playing Rugby post graduation, 5) Outstanding commitment to Rugby post graduation.

LRFC Inaugural class:

Loc Vetter – Coach ’80-’83
Geoff Failla ’80
Louis Carrico ’80
Jamie Caulfield ’81
Kenny Ames ’83
Joe Morel ’84
Ivan Lopez-Muniz ’87
Chris Carroll ’89
Jim Johnson ’89
Steve Laake ’91
Chris Keffer ’94
Sean Lugano ’95